Museum Layout

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Pavilion D

Entering the Jet Age

The fourth pavilion features a diverse set of modern commercial and military aircraft models and images of vehicles used for space exploration. Celebrating more than a century of flight, it features flying machines such as German fighter planes and scale models of different types of aircraft.

Visitors interested in spacecrafts, astronauts, and possible life forms in space will enjoy the photographs on the pavilion’ s walls. The room demonstrates man’ s contribution as well as deep curiosity on the vast universe around him.

Some of the highlights include models of the world’s only supersonic airline, the Aerospatiale’ s Concorde; the Boeing 314 Clipper of PanAm Airways, and the supersonic Bell X- 1 jet, the rocket-powered jet that exceeded the speed of sound flown by Captain Chuck Yeager in 1947.

  • Model of PAL Airplane

  • Painting of another plane by Stan Stokes

  • supersonic Bell X- 1 jet

  • the Aerospatiale’ s Concorde

  • The GBR Museum houses many more historical photographs, paintings, and art pieces.

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