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Pavilion C

Birth of Aviation and Early Military Aircraft

Pavilion C exhibits a collection of different model aircrafts and paintings celebrating the remarkable history of air transportation. Model airplanes of all sizes are literally everywhere—some are encased in glass, while some are hung from the ceiling. Needless to say, this is definitely a place for people interested in aviation.

Dozens of these model planes come from different countries such as France, Germany and the United States. Among the most important features are paintings of airplanes used in World War I and II by American painter Stan Stokes. There are also scale models of the B-29 Enola Gay, the airplane used in the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima, Japan.

In the middle of the room lies the model of “The Wright Flyer”, the first powered aircraft created by brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, builders of the world’ s first successful airplane.

Aside from the model airplanes, the pavilion also houses rare prints and replicas of some of the most important events in aviation history. The room is sure to spark interest in the wonderful world of flight.