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A Father's Dream

The Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Cavite was built on one man’s struggle, hope, and faith.

In March 1991, Gateway Property Holdings Inc. Chairman, Geronimo Berenguer de los Reyes faced one of the most difficult tribulations in his life. Doctors said that his daughter, Saralou, had a hole in her heart. She was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect that left her weak and more vulnerable than she already was, and it did not have an immediate cure.

This would be the beginning of a journey of faith that would eventually lead to the construction of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in General Trias, Cavite.

Saralou, who was only six months old at that time, needed to undergo a meticulous heart surgery. However, doctors were hesitant to perform such a delicate and dangerous procedure on a very young and fragile baby. With this, they advised that Saralou could undergo operation only after she reaches the age of four. This meant a very long time of piercing struggle.

After a long wait, Mr. and Mrs. de los Reyes decided to take a huge risk. Doctors of the University of California in San Francisco performed the needed open-heart surgery on Saralou.

De Los Reyes visited the Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel at the St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral in San Francisco. With a daughter fighting for her life, he prayed before the mosaic of the Lady and asked for a miracle. He also promised the Lady that he would build a church in Her honor.

Saralou survived the operation and fought the very risky surgery. De los Reyes claimed this as a miracle upon the intercession of Our Lady.